Nuclear radiation
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CdZnTe Large Volume Spectroscopy Detector


The CZT/500 and CZT/1500 are room temperature gamma-radiation spectroscopy detectors. The basic advantage of this detector is a large sensitive volume of 0.5 cm3 for CZT/500 and of 1.5 cm3 for CZT/1500. These detectors can be used with miniature low noise charge sensitive preamplifier PA101C or PA101C/HV. Application of the other preamplifiers is possible too. These detectors have been designed for application in portable spectrometers for different applications. Due do the high spectroscopy performance these detectors can be used for nuclide identification.


  • High efficiency
  • High energy resolution
  • Room temperature operation
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Wide detection energies range


  • Gamma-radiation spectroscopy
  • Portable and field spectrometers
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Nuclear industry
  • Home land security


Spectroscopy performance

Detector Detector Volume, cm3 Bias Voltage, V Energy Resolution (FWHM) at 662 keV, % Peak-to-Compton Ratio at 662 keV
CZT/500S 0.5 ≤ 1500 ≤ 2.5 ≥ 4.0
CZT/1500 1.5 ≤ 2500 ≤ 3.5 ≥ 3.5


  • Detector type CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical detector
  • Detector high voltage polarity positive
  • Range of recommended operation temperature 0 to 50 °C


  • CZT/500
    • length (without connector)33 mm
    • diameter23 mm
  • CZT/1500
    • length (without connector)36 mm
    • diameter32 mm


  • CZT/500BNC
  • CZT/1500SHV

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