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Gamma-Radiation CdZnTe Micro Spectrometer


Gamma-Radiation CdZnTe Micro Spectrometer is a high performance device based on application of room temperature operating CdZnTe semiconductor detectors and a very small and low consuming digital multichannel analyzer (MCA) MicroMCA527 (GBS-Elektronik GmbH). The microspectrometer allows measuring gamma-radiation spectra and storing it for processing in a PC through the USB port. It is a self-sufficient device and consists of two modules - a base MCA module μSPEC/μSPEC+ and a replaceable detector module.

The base module contains an amplifier, a digital signal processor, a high voltage power supply of the detector, a low voltage power supply and computer interface.

Exchangeable detector modules contain a charge sensitive preamplifier and usually a high quality CdZnTe detector. There are detector modules with different CZT detector volumes from 5 mm3 to 1600 mm3. In addition, scintillation detector exchangeable modules are presented.

The microspectrometer is communicated and powered by a PC via USB port. It is made to operate under control of MS Windows based GBS WinSPEC for Inspectors free of charge software.


  • Very compact
  • Replaceable CdZnTe detector modules
  • High energy resolution and efficiency
  • High count rate capability
  • USB powered
  • Easy-to-use


  • Gamma-radiation spectroscopy
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear material flow monitoring
  • Home land security
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle



  • Detector type CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical detector
  • Detector volumes
    • µSPEC60 with detector module DM6060 mm3
    • µSPEC500 with detector module DM500500 mm3
    • µSPEC1500 with detector module DM15001600 mm3
    • µSPEC310/XX/A
      with detector module DDM310/XX*/A
      from 1 mm3 to 60 mm3
    • µSPEC500/A with detector module DM500/A500 mm3
    • µSPEC1500/A with detector module DM1500/A1600 mm3
  • Energy range 20 keV to 3.0 MeV
  • Energy resolution (FWHM) at 662 keV@25°C
    • µSPEC60< 2.0%
    • µSPEC500< 2.2%
    • µSPEC1500< 3.0%
    • µSPEC310/XX/A 
    • for detectors volume 5 mm3…20 mm3< 1.5%
    • for detectors volume 60 mm3< 2.0%
    • µSPEC500/A< 2.0%
    • µSPEC1500/A< 3.0%
  • Maximal throughput > 100 kcps
  • Number of channels
    • with base MCA module µSPECup to 4k
    • with base MCA module µSPEC+up to 16k
  • Shaping time
    • with base MCA module µSPEC0.1 µs to 2 µs, step 0.1 µs
    • with base MCA module µSPEC+0.1 µs to 25.5 µs, step 0.1 µs
  • Flat top time 0 µs to 15 µs, step 0.1 µs
  • PZC adjustment automated
  • Power supply USB, 4.5 V … 5.2 V, 100 mA max
  • Connector Micro USB, A or B type


  • Dimensions without removable probe 25 mm x 25 mm x 72 mm
  • Connecting cable length
    µSPEC310/XX/A, µSPEC500/A, µSPEC1500/A
    up to 20 m
  • Weight
    • µSPEC6060 gram
    • µSPEC50065 gram
    • µSPEC150070 gram
    • μSPEC310/XX/A with 0.2 m cable100 gram
    • µSPEC500/A with 0.2 m cable140 gram
    • µSPEC1500/A with 0.2 m cable160 gram
  • Operation temperature range 5°C … 50°C
  • Humidity < 90%, non condensing
  • IP protection class IP40

µSPEC Modules

Gamma-Radiation CdZnTe Micro Spectrometer with Large Volume CdZnTe Detector



  • Detector type CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical
  • Detector volume 4000 mm3
  • Energy range 20 keV to 3.0 MeV
  • Energy resolution (FWHM) at 662 keV < 4%
  • External dimensions 35 mm x 35 mm x 77 mm
  • Weight 100 gram
  • Other parameters are the same as for μSPEC60/500/1500

Clustered high efficiency gamma-radiation spectrometers


Clustered high efficiency gamma-radiation spectrometers MultiSPEC2000 / MultiSPEC6000 are based on application of the serial microspectrometers. It is an assembly of 4 serial microspectrometers combined by a special holder. All microspectrometers work in parallel, creating one common spectrum. For the collection and processing of the obtained spectra a special MS Windows based GBS software WinSPECx16 is used. Clustered spectrometer is communicated and powered by a PC via USB port. Spectrometers holder can be mounted on a mini tripod.


  • Detector type CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical
  • Total detector volume
    • MultiSPEC20002000 mm3 (4 x μSPEC500)
    • MultiSPEC60006400 mm3 (4 x μSPEC1500)
  • Energy resolution (FWHM) at 662 keV
    • MultiSPEC2000< 2.5%
    • MultiSPEC6000< 3.0%
  • Power supply USB, 4.5 V….5.2 V, 400 mA max
  • Connector micro USB, B type
  • Dimensions without USB cable and tripod 66 mm x 75 mm x 88 m
  • Weight without USB cable and tripod 520 gram (4 x µSPEC500)


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