Nuclear radiation
Semiconductor detectors
and Associated electronics

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  • 19.05.20 A new OEM High-Voltage Power Supply are presented. The OEM High-Voltage Power Supply HVPS124 is designed to set the bias voltage of various types high-resistance sensors, such as CdZnTe-, 3He- or HPGe detectors, piezo devices, toxin detection and etс.
  • 30.04.20 A new gamma-radiation scintillation detector modules are presented. Model DM-BGO and DM-CSI is a scintillation detector module based on BGO and CsI(Tl)-type scintillators coupled with silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). This detector modules designed for use with a microspectrometers Model µSPEC.
  • 24.04.20 A new OEM Detection Module DM118 / DM118/L is presented. The compact and low power consuming Detection Modules DM118, DM118/L with CdZnTe (CZT) detectors of volume 500 mm3 or 1600 mm3 are designed for gammaradiation measurements. These modules are intended for an easy integration in customer specific equipment.

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